How To Wash And Dry Your Egyptian Cotton™ Bedding

  1. Wash on 40 degrees
  2. Don’t add any additional products
  3. Use a gentle wash cycle
  4. Air-dry where possible
  5. Iron on a low heat

Egyptian Cotton™ is renowned for its long-lasting and silky smooth softness. The most luxurious and highest quality cotton anywhere in the world, it is a wonderful indulgence. Glorious against the skin, Egyptian Cotton™ is the perfect material for your bedding. Whilst the price may be higher than other cottons, we firmly believe that it is worth the investment. Furthermore, with the right care, Egyptian Cotton™ bedding can outlast them.

The impressive durability of Egyptian Cotton™ is in large part a result of our commitment to hand-picking every ball. This delicate process ensures that the extra-long cotton fibres aren’t snapped or damaged in anyway, as is common in machine-picking. Once tightly woven into a sheet or pillowcase, the length of these fibres give the material a notable resistance to pilling and surface bobbling. The Egyptian Cotton™ will retain those distinctive properties for longer if you treat it well.

How To Wash Egyptian Cotton™ Bedding

Luckily, washing Egyptian Cotton™ vastly helps to soften the extra-long fibres. This means that the feel of the sheets against your skin will only improve with time. Think of it like an expensive whisky, wine or cheese! If your sheets feel a bit stiff when you first remove them from the packaging, why not throw them straight in the wash to soften them up?

When putting your Egyptian Cotton bedding™ in to wash, try and avoid adding any other items. In the frenetic movement of a dryer it is all too easy for a stray button, zip or clasp to cause noticeable damage by pulling on the material. Certainly do not mix your sheets with darker coloured items. Egyptian Cotton™ is well-known for its superior absorbency and that extends to unwanted dyes.

By choosing a fairly low water temperature for the cycle, you should prevent the Egyptian Cotton™ fibres, and so the whole sheet, from shrinking. Our personal recommendation is 40OC. A gentle wash cycle is your best option.

We would always recommend that you use a minimal amount of gentle detergent rather than a chlorinated bleach. Whilst it is excellent for keeping your laundry a brilliant white, it can also be highly corrosive and damaging to Egyptian Cotton™. If there are any obvious stains on the sheets you’re best trying to remove them by hand prior to placing them in the wash. It may be worth choosing an extra rinse cycle to be sure that you’ve washed out all the detergent.

How To Dry Egyptian Cotton Bedding

With Egyptian Cotton bedding we would always recommend that you air dry the fabric on a clothesline. Hung correctly, the creasing will be minimal and you won’t have to spend as long on the ironing. Air drying also to maintain the cotton’s lovely natural scent.

If you must tumble dry your Egyptian Cotton™ bedding, make sure that you use a relatively low heat. Remove the sheets from the dryer as soon as possible after the cycle has finished and fold them. This will help prevent any stubborn creases from setting in.

Iron the sheets whilst they are still slightly damp with the iron set to a low heat.

Egyptian Cotton™ bedding is a high-quality item with a truly luxurious feel. Treated well, that stunning quality will last for years to come.