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When it comes to Egyptian Cotton™ brands, there is a world of choice out there.

We work with some fabulous retailers of Egyptian Cotton™ to ensure that our carefully handpicked cotton is transformed into something luxurious that you’ll love to touch. All Egyptian Cotton™ items make wonderful gifts for loved ones or even a special treat for yourself! From towels to jumpers, bed sheets to bath robes, there is something for everybody at retailers of Egyptian Cotton™. See below for a list of retailers who currently stock Egyptian Cotton™ products.

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Egyptian Cotton™ for Bathrooms

Relax, unwind and indulge

Any material in a bathroom needs to be absorbent. That’s just common sense.

Luckily, Egyptian Cotton™ is superbly absorbent, making it ideal for towels, face cloths and bath mats. This is thanks to the notably thinner fibres of Egyptian Cotton™. With finer fibres you can pack more loops into a smaller space, improving the towel’s overall absorbency. These handy extra fibres ensure that your towel or bath mat always feels fluffy and wonderfully soft against the skin. Available in a wide range of styles, we are sure that you’ll find the perfect accessories for your bathroom. Whether you prefer subtle elegance or eye-catching colour, retailers of Egyptian Cotton™ have you covered.

Egyptian Cotton™ for Clothing

Experience comfort all day long

Look fabulous whilst feeling wonderfully comfortable in luxurious, long-lasting clothing.

When you’re looking to buy Egyptian Cotton™ clothing, we know it’s quality that truly counts. You want clothes that you can wear time and time again without losing their vibrancy or softness. Egyptian Cotton™ ticks both boxes. Our remarkably long staple cotton retains any added dyes extremely well, so colour doesn’t fade after multiple washes. Even better, the material actually gets softer with each wash, ensuring that your clothes will always feel comfortable against your skin.

Infinite possibilities

Smart shirts, snuggly pyjamas and super soft socks- all Egyptian Cotton™!

Egyptian Cotton™ for Bedrooms

Bedding that dreams are made of

When it comes to bedding, the feel is everything and Egyptian Cotton™ delivers every time.

Ideal growing conditions by the River Nile produce a unique cotton that is softer than any other. Incredibly fine and long, our cotton can be used to create exceedingly high thread count bed linen which are extraordinarily durable. Silky smooth to the touch, Egyptian Cotton™ bedding will help transport you to a fantastical world of dreams. Further accessorise your bedroom with elegant throws and show-stopping cushions from one of our retailers of Egyptian Cotton™. With collections suitable for all interior decors, whether you prefer a minimal look, a feminine feel or an eclectic vibe, Egyptian Cotton™ is always the perfect choice.


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