Egypt Declares Using Cotton DNA Analysis

ICAC 12th meeting of the Inter-Regional Cooperative Research Network on Cotton for The Mediterranean and Middle East Regions started in Sharm El Sheikh, 6th to 10th of October 2015 under the auspices and sponsorship of Dr. Rafiq Chaudhry, Head of Technical Information Section, ICAC and  Dr. Ahmed Mostafa, Chairman of Cotton & Textile Industry Holding Company.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Negm, Cotton Research Institute, officially announced his discovery of the Genomic finger Print of the Egyptian cotton with his colleague Prof. Dr. Suzan Sanad.

Cotton Egypt Association is participating in the conference as an official sponsor. Eng. Khaled Schuman, Executive Director of the Association, has given a speech emphasising the great impact of Cotton DNA Analysis discovery in achieving the Association’s objectives, declaring a new Era for the protection of the Egyptian Heritage, the White Gold and The Egyptian Cotton Logo thus globally conserving the consumer rights in using genuine Egyptian Cotton Products.

Because of the unprecedented success of the conference attended by 97 participants from 12 Countries, Dr. Mohamed Negm was elected as the General Coordinator for 3 more years to manage the 13th Inter- Regional Network that will be held in 2018.